life comfort system

sensors for
fall detection



Immediate help after a fall is highly important – studies show that shorter reaction times lead to shorter hospitalization as well as a reduced mortality rate. Moreover, fearless allows to automatically turn on the lights during the night and thus prevents falls. fearless automatically detects falls, without the need to wear any sensor, providing safety and piece of mind for elderly and their care-takers.

fearless is ready and protects your clients 24/7 after the initial setup, increasing the efficiency, reducing the burden of care and providing an important head start in case of emergency.

In order to install fearless, only power supply as well as a connection to the Internet is required. The system will be mounted to the wall similar to a lamp and no further expertise is needed. If you want to get more information, feel free to contact us!

Benefits of fearless:

  • Automatic detection of falls, no interaction needed
  • Flexible alerting mechanisms
  • Wall mounted devices, no sensors need to be worn
  • Easy backfitting in all homes
  • Intelligent algorithms based on latest research
  • Novel 3D sensor protects privacy by design
  • Fall prevention due to automatic light control


To receive more information, please contact us or viist our fearless homepage