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Falls are the highest risk of injuries for people over 65 years of age.

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FAQ about fearless

How does fearless work?

The fearless system consists of a combination of a 3D sensor installed in the room and artificial intelligence in the form of a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates motion patterns. The 3D sensor detects movement patterns in the room, processes and analyses them continuously. If a critical movement is detected, e.g. a person gets out of bed or falls down, the system reacts by switching on the light or alerting a carer. The alarm can be transmitted via an existing alarm or emergency call system or via SMS to a relative.

How to install fearless

fearless is as simple to mount as a lamp and ready for use immediately after installation. All you need for installation is a power supply and an internet connection. The system is mounted on the wall like a lamp and set up only one time.

What are the costs associated with the purchase of fearless?

The costs for fearless depend on the number of 3D sensors or systems required. A system (hardware and software) that usually covers a room costs EUR 599.00. In addition, there is an annual service fee of EUR 99.00 per system resp. home resident for the use of the fearless platform. The annual fee includes the use of the platform and the monitoring of the devices. In the event of a technical problem, you will receive immediate notification in order to ensure that the devices are working properly at all times. In addition, the annual fee already includes the connection to your alarm system (assuming the radio receiver is already available). For further information, please contact +43 1 236 058 013 or

Example: An average room in a nursing home can be covered with one sensor. A second sensor is required for the wet room to ensure good coverage. Thus, the costs for this application with 2 sensors (each EUR 599.00) are EUR 1,198.00 plus the annual service fee of EUR 99.00.

Is fearless also suitable for use in private households?

We currently offer fearless mainly for use in nursing and retirement homes. However, we plan to offer fearless for use in private households in the near future. For further information, please contact +43 1 236 058 013 or

How does fearless work?

fearless works independently. The fearless platform monitors fearless sensors to ensure smooth operation. The operation of our user-friendly platform is very easy.

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